Giving a glimpse of the future through interactivity.

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Located at the site of the Mercedes-Benz manufacturing plant near Vance, Alabama, is the Mercedes-Benz Visitor Center where the public can take an educational look into the past and the future of the world-renowned automaker.

Visitors can explore what’s coming next with Mercedes-Benz by stepping into the Visionary Center, which presents the company’s concept cars and future automotive technologies. The space also conveniently functions as a useful employee training tool where anyone from technicians to dealers are brought in for Brand Immersion classes.

For the latest adaptation of the Visionary Center, Dalton+Anode collaborated with Method-1 Interiors to create a space that surrounds visitors with clean finishes, branded elements, and a series of custom LED inlays to match the energy of the concept vehicle. To guide visitors through the rich visual content, we created a pair of interactive video walls that reveal the products and projects defining a new future of mobility.

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