Beall’s National Pink Flamingo Day

Flamingos get their pink hue from their diet. A Flamingo’s eye is bigger than its brain. These are the things you find out when you help your client celebrate National Pink Flamingo Day. Like Flamingos, Beall’s Department Store is quintessential Florida. We saw National Pink Flamingo Day as an opportunity to reinforce their brand and excite customers with a special one-day promotion.

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It started with the thought, “wouldn’t it be great if we flocked each Beall’s store with hundreds of plastic Pink Flamingos?” And evolved to developing a micro-site where customers could download special coupons. Online, PR and social media campaign helped drive 100,000 visitors to the micro site in a (three day) period leading up to the holiday. That integrated campaign, and all those plastic Pink Flamingos, drove traffic to the stores so successfully, sales increased at targeted locations by (20%). Never underestimate the power of kitschy lawn ornaments.